DatColSol offers affordable, customized solutions to the brewing and food science communities. Our Sensory Data Collection Tool (SDCT), provides an efficient means of conducting and evaluating sensory tasting sessions in a paperless environment. The SDCT can be customized to provide a low cost solution for gathering data from a single or multiple locations where manual input is captured.

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We specialize in data collection and analysis.

Latest News

Announcing the pre-release of our Sensory Data Collection Tool.

The Sensory Data Collection Tool is a Microsoft Excel/Word based sensory ballot designed to help panelists quickly evaluate the parameters you want to track.


  • Customized survey/ballot questions
  • Simultaneous gathering of data from a single or multiple locations
  • Low cost
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Add adhoc questions on the fly
  • Customizable help

We are currently seeking users wishing to try it at greatly reduced introductory prices.